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To attend a summer course at the Shoals Marine Lab, please read this page and follow the instructions within each link carefully! If you have any questions about the Admissions process, please contact your Academic Coordinator - their emails are located at the bottom of this page.

Thinking about an SML course, but not ready to sign-up? Click here to let us know you are interested!
We can send you info about SML courses, the enrollment process, financial aid/scholarship opportunities, and answer any specific questions you have.

Sign-up for courses:

  • UNH students, visit the UNH Summer Session page, click here.

  • Undergrads from other schools (non-UNH, non-Cornell), you should complete the admissions process through UNH Summer Session, click here.

  • Cornell students, follow the numbered instructions below:

1. Fill out the Cornell Summer Session enrollment form and email to cusp@cornell.edu or drop off at B20 Day Hall, Cornell campus.

2. If you are applying for need-based financial aid or a work-study position at SML, submit those applications before enrolling. Instructions for financial aid are here.

3. If you are applying for a Bartels merit scholarship (deadline for application is Feb. 12, 2016), submit your course enrollment to Cornell Summer School with payment first, before applying for a Bartels scholarship; or wait until early March to submit your course enrollment form after you are notified about the results of your Bartels scholarship application.  

4. Submit payment in full for the course when you send/bring in the enrollment form to B20 Day Hall. Payment may be made by check, money order, interbank wire transfer, or NetPay.  

  • High school students, follow the numbered instructions below:
  • 1. Review the course description for the class you'd like to take, and make sure you meet all course prerequisites.

    2. Send an e-mail or have a parent/guardian send an email to Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley with the subject line: "Approval to take SML high school course." Her email address is rhadlockseeley@cornell.edu.

    This e-mail message should include:

    Your name
    Your address
    Your home phone number
    Name of the SML class you'd like to take
    Your official high school transcript (in English and including your most current grades)
    (Note: We will also accept your transcript by mail or fax. Contact Dr. Hadlock Seeley for instructions: rhadlockseeley@cornell.edu)

    3. Dr. Hadlock Seeley will review your request and send you an e-mail notifying you of our admissions decision.

    4. If you are granted permission to enroll, fill out the Cornell University's Summer Session enrollment form, here.  

    5. Submit full course payment, the completed enrollment form, and a copy of the permission e-mail you received from Dr. Hadlock Seeley to Cornell Summer Session. Here's how:

    a) You may send the completed enrollment form and Dr. Hadlock Seeley's email of permission by USPS (to B20 Day Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853) or email to cusp@cornell.edu.  

    b) PAYMENT: Payment may be made by check, money order, interbank wire transfer, or credit card. To use a credit card, please send (email or USPS) your enrollment form and call 607-255-4989 with the card information. If you choose to bring the enrollment form to B20 Day Hall at Cornell in person, your credit card will processed at that time.

ALL STUDENTS please note: Your enrollment is contingent upon meeting any course prerequisites, completing your registration, and fulfilling any other applicable requirements. (Please see individual course pages for these requirements.)

All students, before coming to Appledore Island, ME...
  • Please be advised that you must complete all required paperwork in the SML Student Orientation Packet before you come to SML. The Orientation Packet will be sent to your email in Spring 2016. 
  • You are also expected to be familiar with the information contained in Appledore Island Handbook before you arrive to SML.  

  • Admissions questions? Need help deciding which course to take?
    Students interested in summer courses or internships should contact one of our SML academic coordinators:
    - UNH students, contact Dr. Gregg Moore: gregg.moore@unh.edu
    - Cornell students, contact Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley: rhadlockseeley@cornell.edu
    - All other undergraduate students, contact Dr. Jim Coyer: jac61@cornell.edu
    - High School students, contact Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley: rhadlockseeley@cornell.edu

    Check out this incredible video filmed at the Shoals by one of our undergrad research internship mentors, David O. Brown!

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