BIOSM 1500/MEFB 403

Monday, June 27 - Monday, July 11, 2016

UNH-enrolled (MEFB) = 4 credits / Cornell-enrolled (BIOSM) = 3 credits

Fees for 2016
UNH/Cornell undergraduate students: $5,548
(includes room, board, tuition, 1 round-trip fare between Portsmouth, NH and Shoals)
Undergraduate students from all other institutions (non-UNH/Cornell): $6.598
(includes room, board, tuition, 1 round-trip fare between Portsmouth, NH and Shoals)

None. This course is limited to 15 students who are either: a) matriculated students at Cornell, UNH or at any 4-year college or university; or b) incoming freshmen who will arrive at Cornell or UNH in fall 2016.

Cornell students; this course fulfills the following requirements (equivalent to BioG 1500):
Core Course requirement
for Biology majors; this course is equivalent to BioG 1500 and fulfills core course requirement
Introductory Bio Lab requirement for Biology and Society majors, Natural Science requirement for Human Development majors.
Major course requirement for Biological Engineering majors.
BioG 1500 equivalent for ESS and SNES majors.
CALS Graduation requirement
for Introductory Life Sciences/Biology.
CALS Graduation requirement
for Physical and Life Sciences.

Course description

Field and lab intensive marine-based introduction to the scientific method and experimental biology. Students do research under the guidance of instructors. The course is structured around two research projects that explore how marine organisms are adapted to the physical and biotic factors in their environment.


Dr. Douglas Fudge, University of Guelph (watch Doug's research team in action on The Daily Planet!)
Dr. Dennis Taylor, Hiram College


Students on board the R/V John M. Kingsbury (photo by Jan Factor).

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