This course will not be offered in 2011; please check out our other courses!

Prerequisites: Two semesters of college level biology or equivalent. Recommended: Genetics and/or cell biology with laboratory components. Helpful: Evolutionary biology, ecology, invertebrate or vertebrate zoology.

An introduction to basic concepts in systematic biology, comparative genomics, evolutionary genetics, molecular ecology, and conservation biology emphasizing the natural history of marine organisms.  Students integrate field sampling techniques, taxonomy, and curation of specimens from Appledore Island and surrounding waters with molecular diagnostics and bioinformatics completed in the laboratory.  Standard methods for DNA purification, amplification, sequencing and genotyping are used to address questions about population structure, kinship, and species phylogeny.
This course is supported by the generosity of New England BioLabs, Inc.

Faculty: Dr. Andrew Shedlock, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

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