Monday, July 25 - Monday, August 8, 2016

UNH-enrolled (MEFB) = 4 credits / Cornell-enrolled (BIOSM) = 3 credits 

Fees for 2016
UNH and Cornell undergraduate students: $5,548
(includes room, board, tuition, 1 round-trip fare between Portsmouth, NH and Shoals)
Undergraduate students from all other institutions (non-UNH/Cornell): $6,598
(includes room, board, tuition, 1 round-trip fare between Portsmouth, NH and Shoals)

One semester of college level biology or equivalent, recognized SCUBA certification, and approval to SCUBA dive at Shoals Marine Laboratory. Once accepted, students who are divers must apply for approval to SCUBA dive at Shoals Marine Lab. Please follow these links to apply for approval to SCUBA dive.

Shoals Marine Lab Handbook for Diving Safety must be READ by all approved SCUBA divers!

Course description
Provides guidance and opportunities for students to conduct original research in the field of subtidal marine ecology. The course will cover experimental design, data collection, and research proposal writing. Students can receive AAUS Scientific Diver Certification.

Information about becoming a Scientific Diver at Shoals:
Students may attain AAUS Scientific Diver status in the Shoals Marine Laboratory Dive Program upon completion of the Underwater Research course, which includes Dive Accident Management Training (O2 Administration, Basic First Aid, CPR). The Shoals Marine Laboratory is an Organizational Member of the American Academy of Underwater Scientists, and Scientific Diver status conforms to AAUS standards. Pending successful completion of the course (including a minimum of 12 dives), students will receive a Verification of Training Letter, which allows them to apply for permission to dive under the auspices of AAUS-sanctioned Scientific Diving Programs at universities, state and federal governmental agencies, and marine aquaria throughout the United States. Scientific Diver Status is retained as long as a minimal number of dives are completed each year and medical requirements are updated at regular intervals (see Section 8 of the Shoals Marine Laboratory Handbook for Diving Safety. Virtually all Scientific Dive Programs in the United States are AAUS Organizational Members and require participants to possess AAUS-sanctioned Scientific Diver Status.

Dr. James Coyer, Shoals Marine Laboratory, Cornell University
Dr. Elizabeth Siddon, Research Associate, National Research Council, NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center


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Watch this video and spend a "day in the life" of Underwater Research @ Shoals
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