Here's how to contact Shoals!

To contact Shoals located at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY - all year:

Jump to our online contact form:
You'll be able to provide us with your contact information, and request more information (about specific programs, etc.)

Send an email to:

Cornell phone:
(607) 255-3717
Cornell fax:
(607) 255-0742

Cornell mailing address:
106A Kennedy Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

Kennedy Hall office hours
Mon Thurs: 8am 4pm (or by appointment)
Friday: 9am 4pm (or by appointment)

Would you like to speak with a Shoals alum!
Contact our Alumni Ambassador, Vanessa Constant or jump to Meet our Staff page!

To contact Shoals located at UNH in Durham, NH - all year:

Send an email to:
UNH phone:
(603) 862-2987
UNH fax:
(603) 862-0241

UNH campus address:
24 Colovos Rd., School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering, Chase Ocean Engineering Lab

UNH office hours:
By appointment

To contact Shoals at Creek Farm in Portsmouth, NH - all year:

Send an email to:
Creek Farm phone: (603) 430-5220
Creek Farm fax: (603) 430-5221

Creek Farm mailing address FOR STAFF: 400 Little Harbor Rd., Portsmouth, NH 03801*
*Staff should use this address for shipping packages (includes academic teaching staff)

Interested in Appledore Store items? Please use Creek Farm office contact info!

To contact Shoals on Appledore Island, ME - summer ONLY:

Send an email to:
Appledore Island phone: (603) 964-9011

Appledore mailing address FOR PARTICIPANTS: P.O. Box 88, Portsmouth, NH 03802*
*Participants (includes all students) should use this address for mail and packages.

Street address for getting directions: 315 Market St., Portsmouth, NH 03801

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