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Under the Isles of Shoals book review includes mention of Shoals Marine Lab programs (see Shoals History Week!)
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Shoals Faculty member, Dr. Drew Harvell dives into the Coral Triangle, read the NYT article!
Shoals Faculty member, Dr. Drew Harvell gives at TEDx talk on CornellCast!
Shoals Faculty member, Dr. Tom Seeley and his honeybee research @ Shoals, highlighted on NOVA!
Shoals Diving Safety Officer, Becca Toppin presents a diving program poster at the AAUS Diving for Science Symposium.
Shoals Assistant Director, Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley reports on the fate of rockweed and invasive red algae.
Shoals Director Emeritus, Dr. John B. Heiser: Shoals celebrates J.B. Heiser, it's second director.
Former Shoals Director, Dr. Willy Bemis renews the study of ancient sharks; read "Great white work..."
Former Shoals Director, Dr. Willy Bemis reports: Vertebrate ancestor had a 'sixth sense.'
Shoals alum, research intern, TA and Cornell/CALS graduate Sarah MaClean wins the Wilson Ornithological Society's Klamm Undergraduate Presentation Award!
Shoals alum and graduate researcher Kristen Covino wins American Ornithologists' Union best student paper award!

Shoals research interns to the rescue! Shoals and rescuers from Marine Mammals of Maine work together to rescue a Harbor Seal in distress. Follow Shoals on Facebook for more stories about our students.

WMUR-TV in New Hampshire
features our Island Archaeology team digging into Shoals history; they have unearthed some amazing artifacts, helping to craft a rich story of the cultural and ecological history of the Isles of Shoals!

Shoals and Blue Ocean Society partner in Isles of Shoals clean-up effort! Follow the blog and learn more about the Marine Debris to Energy Project; a New Hampshire-based project to study marine debris at sea and on the shore, incorporating waste-to-energy and recycling as part of cleanup efforts.

Shoals goes MOBILE! Travel info., field guides, maps, and more...!

Treasure Island: Marine Biology students get a head start in UNH's Marine Immersion!

See Shoals featured in Discover Portsmouth Center's NEW exhibit: Under the Shoals

See Shoals featured in Cornell's EZRA magazine: Fieldwork on Appledore's rocky shores.
See Shoals on CornellCast (video and audio content that shows the world what's happening on the Cornell campus).

Shoals intern Vanessa Constant (Cornell '14) evaluates Rockweed Sustainability! Read more...

Former Shoals faculty member, Carl Zimmer tells of his interview with Dr.  Tom Seeley on Appledore Island...

Shoals intern Sarah MacLean (Cornell 13) researches gull reactions to threats on Appledore Island.


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