Date: 2014 dates will be posted before the end of January 2014!
Boat schedule from 2013:

- Monday: All participants depart Portsmouth aboard a Shoals Marine Lab vessel @ 1:00PM

- Friday: All participants depart Appledore Island aboard a Shoals Marine Lab vessel @ 2:00PM.
$1,000/person (double occupancy; ideal for COUPLES and friends as all dorms are set-up as doubles).

About Getting to Shoals for all ADULT and FAMILY EDUCATION PARTICIPANTS:
ON THE FIRST DAY OF A PROGRAM: Plan to arrive in Portsmouth at least 1.5 hours before departure time.
ON THE LAST DAY OF A PROGRAM: Plan to return to Portsmouth ~ 1.5 hours after the scheduled departure time.
Consult our online calendar/boat schedule for arrival and departure updates--you will also receive specific travel instructions and information as part of your electronic confirmation packet. See our Adult and Family Ed overview for electronic confirmation packet; includes packing instructions.

Prerequisite: None; this is a non-credit program open to all, 18 years of age and up!

2014 Registration FORM (available soon--download, complete and fax to: (607) 255-0742

SEE our Archaeological Institute of America 2013 listing.

WATCH this NEW video from NH Chronicle (Public TV) "Under the Isles of Shoals"
WATCH this video from the "Windows to the Wild" (NH Public TV)

READ this recent news article about historic artifacts on Smuttynose Island.

Citizen science:
Participate in an archeological dig on Smuttynose Island (pictured below, by RHS). Spend evenings learning about life on Smuttynose from the 1800's to the 1600's through pottery, domestic animal bones, buttons, coins and other finds from the Isles of Shoals Archaeology Project.

Historical tours:
Daily walking tours of both Appledore and Star Islands to look at the historical landmarks and settlement history of these islands. Learn about the Haley family's store, ropeworks, and orchard on Smuttynose; the Star Island fort; and Appledore's 17th century school.

The life and times of Celia Thaxter:
Archaeology explorations at Celia Thaxter's cottage site on Appledore, just behind her famous garden. Learn more about the other cottages around Celia's cottage, and about life on Appledore during the Appledore House era of the 19th century.

Optional historical tour of Creek Farm Cottage and grounds in Portsmouth, NH at the end of the program (more details will be provided in confirmation packets). What's so special about Creek Farm? Read about the history of the cottage and grounds, Arthur Astor Carey's stately home, where delegates to the Russo-Japanese Peace Conference were welcomed in 1905.

Dr. Nathan D. Hamilton, University of Southern Maine
Dr. Robin Hadlock Seeley, Shoals Marine Laboratory, Cornell University

About archaeology at Shoals from alumni, Jennifer Cooper (Cornell '13):
"The weeks that I have spent at Shoals have been one of the most educational and exciting experiences that I've had in college. It's fantastic to spend all day outside right next to the ocean breeze on various islands while learning about history! The professor in charge, whom we call Nate, leads an organized team of people to excavate numerous areas, and exciting finds include bullets, door knocker, coins, a variety of decorative ceramic sherds, and even a few prehistoric points! This is a great way to gain knowledge about archaeological excavation techniques and about the settlement of an early North American fishing community. Plus, the food is delicious as well!"

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