PUBLIC EDUCATION: Visiting Educational Groups

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) strives to provide full use of its facilities to Shoals programs, however limited time slots are available for visiting educational groups. Visiting groups are transported to and from Appledore Island on SML vessels.
  • Requirements for bringing a group to Shoals: (1) Group leaders must have prior experience teaching at SML or experience with bringing a group to Appledore Island in order to bring a group to Shoals in the Spring; (2) Advance reservations are required for all day and overnight groups, preferably 3 months in advance of the trip; (3) Non-consortium groups (non UNH/Cornell) are required to sign a written contract, and supply proof of insurance to SML. Group leaders should check with their administration and/or legal department regarding this issue; (4) Visiting groups provide their own program and staff unless otherwise arranged with SML.  Group program and/or schedule must be submitted, and approved by SML at least 2 weeks prior to the trip. 
  • Fees for consortium (Cornell and UNH) and non-consortium visiting educational groups
    For example Audubon groups, not for profit organizations, etc.

  • Fees for school groups (grades 7-12), contact Shoals
    Includes public, private, prep schools and home-school groups.


Students learning all about the intertidal zone on Appledore Island (photo by Carol Steingart).

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