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Research and Educational Publications from Shoals Marine Laboratory (PDF)
This list includes publications based on work conducted at the Isles of Shoals using facilities and vessels of Shoal Marine Laboratory. Papers are listed in reverse chronological order. Asterisks (*) denote an author who was an REU or RIFS student. Authors indicated in bold currently lead major research or survey programs at SML. Some publications include SML contribution numbers in their text or acknowledgments; such contribution numbers are noted in this list. (Check back soon to access some of these publications as PDFs).

Checklist of Flora and Fauna
Borror’s Species Checklist for the Isles of Shoals Archipelago. May 2009 Edition.
Editors: Meg N. Eastwood, Kipp Quinby,Robin Hadlock Seeley, Christine Bogdanowicz, Hal Weeks, and William E. Bemis.

Would you like your research to have an assigned SML contribution number? Contact Jim Coyer ( 

Contact Jim Coyer via email or call (603) 430-5220 for copies of:
- The Underwater Catalog. A Guide to Methods in Underwater Research by
Coyer, J., D. Steller, and J. Witman 3rd Ed. 2012. Shoals Marine Laboratory, Ithaca, NY.

- Here's How We'll Do It! Dr. John M. Kingsbury's comprehensive history book of the founding of the Shoals Marine Laboratory.

Data Management, Sharing and Retention Policy
Shoals Marine Laboratory has adopted this data management and retention policy to address: (1) NSF mandates; (2) Requests for SML sponsored or funded data from researchers outside the SML community; (3) SML access to data collected on Appledore Island through research sponsored or funded by Shoals Marine Laboratory.


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