Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) Financial Aid and Fees

Shoals Marine Laboratory offers financial aid to all undergraduate students, and applying is easy! If you have already completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (2015-16 FAFSA), then you already have a Student Aid Report (SAR), and know your Expected Family Contribution (EFC*).

To apply for a NEED-BASED scholarship, send an email to with the following information:
  1. The SML course(s) you want to enroll in;
  2. All college transcripts (include as PDFs--unofficial copies are OK);
  3. Student Aid Report with you most recent EFC* (include as a PDF from you FAFSA).
  4. Once you have your award, go to our Admissions Page and follow the steps to enroll and register.

QUESTIONS? Contact for help, or contact your academic coordinator:

Shoals Marine Laboratory MERIT-BASED scholarships for Cornell and UNH students.
Details and how to apply will be posted soon; application deadline will be February 12, 2016.

QUESTIONS? Contact for help, or contact your academic coordinator:

Financial aid (scholarship) FAQs
  • What is the deadline for signing up for a course, and for financial aid?
    No deadline.

  • How can I apply for need-based financial aid (scholarships) from SML?
    See details above.

  • How can I apply for merit-based financial aid (merit scholarships) from SML?
    UNH and Cornell merit scholarships exist; see details above (deadline: February 12, 2016).

  • Am I eligible for need-based aid?
    All undergraduate students are eligible for SML financial aid (does not include high school students).

  • What percentage of my course costs will SML scholarship aid cover?
    We will do our best to provide undergraduate students with as much assistance as possible.

  • When and how will I know about my financial aid award? If you followed the instructions at the top of the page, and have not heard back from our admissions team, please email again, or call (603) 862-5346.
  • Can I work at SML on Appledore Island to earn summer income?
    Complete a course at Shoals and work on Appledore Island! Must be 18 or older, and enrolled in a summer 2016 credit course at SML! Previous work-study students can be added to a waiting list for open work-study spots. For more information, Jump to the SML student jobs page. 

SML course fees for 2016*
Tuition, room and board (all meals), round-trip transportation between Portsmouth, NH and Shoals, activity fees included.
  • Total cost for Cornell and UNH undergraduate students in a 2 week/3 credit course: $5,548
  • Total cost for non-UNH/Cornell undergrads and high school students in a 2 week/4 credit course: $6,598

*Check individual course pages; some courses vary in length and credits awarded, so fees will vary.

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