Undergraduate Admissions FAQs

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General Undergraduate Admissions FAQs:

About Financial Aid and Credits:

  • Request financial aid during the admissions process. Questions? Contact Shoals Admissions!

  • Which university awards Shoals Marine Laboratory credits?
    Credit courses at Shoals are accredited by Cornell University or University of New Hampshire or both.

    Matriculating Cornell students and high school students will be enrolled at Cornell.

    Matriculating UNH students and students from other institutions will be enrolled at UNH.

  • What about official transcripts after I take a course at Shoals?
    Upon completion of an Shoals course, official transcripts must be requested DIRECTLY from Cornell or UNH.
  • Will Cornell/UNH credits transfer to my home school?
    Students enrolled at universities other than CU or UNH should check with their own registrar to determine the transferability of credits. Talk to your academic advisor about how to transfer Cornell credits. Cornell cannot guarantee transferability of credits to your home institution. Please consult your on-campus advisor prior to registering with Shoals. Questions? Contact Shoals Admissions!

  • What about graduate credits?
    Grad students should check with their home institution to find out if Cornell or UNH credit can be applied toward your graduate degree. Talk to your advisor!

  • What about auditing a credit course?
    Shoals Marine Laboratory follows policies and procedures of both Cornell and UNH; credit courses at Shoals can be audited on a space available basis with permission of the instructor. Interested students use the same registration process, and must pay full course fees. Financial aid for auditors is only available AFTER awards are given to students taking courses for credit.

Other Important Information:

  • About grades and grading policy:
    Shoals Marine Laboratory adheres to Cornell Summer Session grading policies. For more information about add/drop and change of enrollment deadlines follow this link or contact Shoals.
  • All courses are offered contingent upon adequate enrollment.
    Faculty and staff appointments may change. Courses may be taken sequentially, but not concurrently.

  • The Island Semester:
    Qualified students may earn a full semester's college credit (up to 16 credit hours) in three summer months. Students may register for any number of non-concurrent courses during the summer. Gaps between selected courses can be filled by signing up for a work-study position. Island semester students are encouraged to spend at least one week off the island to take a break from a rigorous academic schedule.

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