Supporting Shoals: Volunteer Corps.

Volunteers help make the "Shoals experience" a reality for its participants, and have been an integral part of life on Appledore since the beginning of the Lab. Every campus building has at one time been re-painted, re-shingled and lovingly maintained with the help of our steadfast Shoals volunteers. Throughout the years, volunteers have also helped build the pole barn, double the size of the dive locker, and pour the foundation for the Werly fuel tanks. Each year an army of volunteer cleaners scour the campus by washing windows, and scrubbing floors, while caring for and maintaining microscopes, meters and plankton nets. Browse our Volunteer photo gallery!

Spring volunteer weekend @ SML: Thank you volunteers---what a fabulous work weekend!
See our Google boat schedule for full details for information about future volunteer weekends.

Volunteer weekend packing list
Sleeping bag or twin sheet set, pillow case, washcloth/towel, clothes for all types of weather, rain gear, and flashlight (SML provides one pillow and two blankets per bed).

Other volunteer opportunities exist throughout the year as well; volunteers can support the Lab's academic program by serving as a research mentor or tour guide, or by helping our ongoing recruiting efforts based at Cornell, UNH and on the Seacoast.

Please take the time to look at SML's/Cornell Volunteer Policy on-line

Children between the ages of 15 -18 are permitted to attend and volunteer, but must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian). A Parental Consent Form (PDF) must be completed for each child.

Please see our Adutl and Family Education programs for options for children and families who wish to visit SML!

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