The Mission of the Shoals Marine Laboratory

Mission Statement
The mission of SML is to provide education and research programs that advance the 1) understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems and 2) development of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

A Window to the Sea
Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) on Appledore Island, Isles of Shoals, Maine is dedicated to undergraduate education and research in marine science and has been since 1966. SML offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study marine science in the field with exceptional faculty from institutions throughout North America. Instruction at SML is based upon giving participants a truly "hands-on" educational experience. Class sizes are limited providing excellent faculty to student ratios. SML's curriculum is diverse; encompassing a variety of marine disciplines.

SML is a seasonal field station located on Appledore Island. Lying six miles offshore from the Maine/New Hampshire border, this splendid 95 acre island is secluded, yet accessible. Only a one hour boat ride from Portsmouth, NH, Appledore is a natural laboratory and classroom. The rocky intertidal zone, seabird colonies, and the open sea are right outside the door at SML, providing participants with a direct route to the world of marine science.

Appledore is the "Learning Island." Participants and faculty members can literally and figuratively immerse themselves in their explorations, free from the distractions commonly found on and around every mainland campus.

A Sea of Opportunities
Students from all over the USA and around the world enroll in SML courses and participate in summer internships. Credit is given through either of SML's parent institutions: Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire.

A Path to the Future
SML courses and internships provide rigorous training in a diversity of marine subjects. And perhaps most importantly, SML prepares students for careers in the fields of marine and environmental science. SML alumni are frequently quoted as saying, "I never worked so hard, I never learned so much in such short time, and I never had more fun!"

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